Kate Leafhead

I am a transformational coach who helps people to overcome their negative thoughts and emotions in order to make positive and lasting changes to their lives. People come to me with a range of issues, including stress, problems with sleep, getting rid of pesky habits, and effective goal-setting and confidence, whether that be in the area of work, public speaking or general self-belief. 

During the initial consultation, I help clients identify the issues and themes that are interfering with their ability to progress and take control of their lives. Once a client has decided to resolve those issues, we work on an agreed coaching programme. All the methods I use (see Coaching Methods) are non-invasive, which means clients don't need to talk at length about painful memories. Instead, I concentrate on the process of how we think. Once we learn how our thought processes work, we are able to take charge of them - for example, we can stop ourselves from thinking negative thoughts, and anchor positive experiences to help us in the future. And once we have done this, we can truly take control of our lives.



I work out of Banbury Therapy Centre, but am happy to arrange home visits or alternative venues if needed.

Banbury Therapy Centre

69 Oxford Road


 OX16 9AJ 



Master Practitioner of NLP

Master Practitioner of Hypnosis

Spectrum Emotional Coach

Spectrum Performance Coach

Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

PhD. Psychology

BSc. (Hons) Psychology