Occupational Groups

Stress Release in Occupational Groups

The work environment can be an enormously stressful place. Coping with stress and the impact it has on our health - both mental and physical - does not always come naturally, but is something that can be learned easily.

Using a combination of Spectrum Performance Coachingā„¢, NLP and hypnosis (see Therapies), I teach groups how to manage stress. These sessions areĀ both practical and informative, dealing with the interplay between the physiological and psychological manifestations of stress and how to take full control of this in order to rid ourselves of stress. Although broadly generic in nature, each session is tailored to the specifications of your occupational group (e.g., social/support workers, NHS workers, prison officers, police officers). In addition, I will show your group how to use some of these techniques on their own to enable them to cope with any stressors that arise in the future.

Sessions last for one - three hours, depending on the requirements of the specific group.