Individual Coaching

People come to me with a wide range of issues, but they all have something in common: the presence of negative emotions and thoughts that are hijacking their attempts to be in control of their lives and become the person the want to be. 

Using a combination Spectrum Emotional and Performance Coaching, NLP and hypnosis (see Therapies), I show clients how to combat a range of issues, such as getting rid of stress and other negative emotions, stopping pesky habits, enhancing confidence and getting a good night's sleep. I work by helping you to get rid of those negative emotions that are holding you back - and, because the methods I use deal with the process of how we think, rather than with the content of those thoughts, you do not have to discuss painful issues in great detail. 

Most importantly, and whatever your issue, I show you how to use a number of these techniques on your own, thus truly empowering you to take full control of those issues and ensure your future well-being.