I am thinking about things in a completely different way and that is a change for the better. I feel so much more positive when challenges arise. I have noticed a significant change in my attitude - before, when problems cropped up in life, my response tended to be anxiety followed by doom and gloom. Now my response tends to be rather more stoic - I tend to accept that these things happen in life, and move on to finding a pragmatic solution.

I am naturally a practical person, and I always felt that my anxious tendencies were slightly at odds with that. Having altered my attitude, I really feel like I am being true to myself, for the first time in a very long time.

Work was a major source of my anxieties and I didn't always enjoy it because of that. In the last few weeks, I have found myself loving my job. It is really satisfying to change how I feel about a set of external factors by changing the way I think.

H.A., Banbury February 15, 2018