Coaching Methods

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming

The way we perceive the world – the past, present, future, ourselves and others – is a complex process, involving thoughts and emotions. We tend to think of thoughts and emotions as ‘things’ beyond our control. And it is certainly the case that our views about the world, even about ourselves – the who we are – are heavily influenced by our significant others from the day we're born (parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, etc.) However, thoughts and emotions are actually things we create ourselves – and we have far more control over them that you might imagine.

NLP is a practical process that enables us to change the way the way we think about past, present and future events, and even how we perceive ourselves. It uses techniques such as visualisation and anchoring. In anchoring, you “tap into” past occasions in which you felt, for example, calm or confident; then you reconstruct that state by recalling the feelings you felt at the time, and using them regain your feeling of calm, or to enhance your confidence in a present project. This method is used in a great many walks of life, and is especially popular in sports where self-belief is essential to great performance. 

NLP works by enabling you to:

  • organise your thought patterns
  • recognise your feelings
  • communicate more effectively
  • manage your behaviours

To summarise, NLP provides you with a methodology to achieve optimum performance. By learning how to use NLP you control your own thoughts and so manage negative emotions and deal with stress. Being in control of your thoughts means you can truly take charge of your life and so are better able to set and achieve realistic goals.

Spectrum Emotional Coaching™

We have many types of memory but in terms of how we store information, it tends to be in two main ways: in terms of time (i.e., according to when events took place) and theme (i.e., what the memory relates to). We have countless themes - everything from childhood and school to work and social life). Spectrum Emotional Coaching utilises memories of specific incidences and experiences to get rid of underlying negative emotions related to those themes. It also enables us to draw from past positive states and to anchor them, so we can then access those positive experiences whenever we need help with creating a compelling future. 

We have all experienced events in the past that have some unresolved negative emotions attached to them. These emotions are stored in our bodies and we expel huge amounts of energy carrying it all; hence the expression emotional baggage. That emotional baggage affects how we view the world, even ourselves and this can give us a negative mindset and adversely affect how we perceive ourselves.

Spectrum Emotional Coaching is a fabulous technique for ridding ourselves of that emotional baggage by letting go of the negative emotions attached to the relevant events. We are then free to learn from those events, and that learning can then be used to install within ourselves new and more productive behaviours.  Spectrum uses a unique type of anchoring (see NLP), not only to gain access to past positive mental states, but to effectively flush out those old negative emotions that were holding you back. 

The beauty of Spectrum is that you don't have to discuss painful memories in detail. This is because Spectrum works on the process involved in our thoughts and emotions, rather than the content. Once you have learnt how to take control of your thoughts, you will realise just how easy it is to take control of your life. Spectrum really is an incredibly effective technique.


Hypnosis is a natural state, and one we experience every day. When we suddenly realise we've been 'miles away', or we find ourselves home without any real conscious awareness of having driven that oh so familiar route, or those moments just before we fall asleep - they're all examples of a trance, a state of hypnosis. There is an old myth that people undergoing hypnosis can be 'made to do' things that are in some way embarrassing or cause them to act in ways that are out of character.  Rest assured, while in a state of hypnosis you remain fully in control. 

In hypnosis sessions, a deep sense of relaxation is induced in which awareness is enhanced and concentrated on the hypnotist's voice. Through this process, the conscious mind becomes suppressed while the unconscious mind becomes awakened. The importance of this is that it is the unconscious mind that needs to change in order for you to be able to create the desired changes in your conscious behaviour. 

This ancient and simple technique enables people to overcome a wide range of both psychological and physical problems. It is also an excellent means of eradicating stress and anxiety - and ensuring a good night's sleep.